I've always been fascinated with “containers” - anything that holds an object, regardless of size or purpose. Many years ago I created a wearable container in the form of an amphora-shaped pendant.  That felt extremely exciting to my art jewelry obsessed brain and proved to be a turning point.  From then on I've continued exploring this form through a series of vessel pendants and needlecases.

           People often want to know more about these, how I make them and how many different things can you put in them.  Inevitably there are jokes around illicit substances they could contain.  I love the fact that my jewelry prompts these kinds of connections. They give people a way to share personal stories. 

            Secondly, these pieces offer a way to hold something meaningful, such as a memento of someone who has passed, or of a cherished pet.  They may also keep something about the wearer’s history, their aspirations, or an item from a special place they visit.

            Jewelry can play a very powerful role in connecting people - across cultures, across history and within oneself.  My work is about offering a piece that can become meaningful, can help tell our story and can connect us with others. This for me is what's most important about making art.  I hope to create with my hands something that may transcend the purely ornamental to become a tangible expression of our connections and humanity.




I love using textures and pattern on metal, in this photo it is applied to bronze