I've always been fascinated with containers regardless of size or purpose—anything that can hold something.

The first Amphora-shaped vessel I made many years ago felt extremely exciting to fabricate and proved to be a turning point in my art-making. I began to understand how wearable vessels play a powerful role in linking people across cultures—across history—and can connect oneself to profound personal concerns. I've continued exploring the vessel form through a series of pendants and wearable objects. These functional works of art offer a way to hold something meaningful very close. They may keep something about the wearer’s history, aspirations, or a special keepsake. My work is about offering a place that can meaningfully and beautifully contain what we cherish—our stories. That is what's most important for me. I strive to create with my hands what transcends the purely ornamental, to make objects that are expressions of our connection and our humanity.

People often want to know more about my vessels, how I make them and how many different uses there really are for them. Inevitably there are jokes around illicit substances they could contain. I love that my jewelry prompts these kinds of questions. I often say, the uses are infinite, and entirely up to you.  But practically, here are some of the ways my collectors utilize my vessels.

  • As a Spiritual or Meditation Vessel, the wearer can include written prayers, or daily, weekly, yearly, even lifetime intentions. You can simply hold it as an object for mindfulness, introspection, awareness, and reflection as you meditate. It becomes a container and a vehicle for self-awareness.

  • As a Healing Vessel many people lightly soak a small piece of material or a cotton ball with an aromatherapy oil and place it inside. You can also use herbs. Use it to hold medicine, your daily vitamins, or even a dram of whiskey!

  • Aromachology research promotes the positive effects of fragrance on mood, emotion and the ability to transmit feelings of well-being directly to the brain. Scent Vessels* have historical precedence in popular objects such as the PomanderVinaigrette, Perfumiere, or a Scent Flacon.

  • A Memory or Remembrance Vessel can hold an object that reminds us of a loved one, such as a lock of hair, a baby tooth, even ashes. I can create metal tags that have your significant birth date, star sign, name or even the coordinates or a place you want to continually celebrate in memory.

  • Or why not simply use a vessel as a Tussie Mussie or Posy Holder—a wearable vase for a small bouquet of flowers. It is the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!

To learn more about my process, or to discuss ways to personalize a collectible work of wearable art from my studio, please reach out!  I would love to hear from you.


*One of my favorite reference books is Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry by Annette Green and Linda Dyett





I love using textures and pattern on metal, in this photo it is applied to bronze