“intro to the

Bonny doon press & Hollow Form Vessels”

with Cyd Rowley

September 21-22, 2019 Cyd Rowley Studio, Kensington, MD

During this 2 day hands-on workshop I will provide an introduction to the press: how it works; how to use it; and the many ways it can help you create three dimensional work.  Participants will choose a hollow form project for the two days such as a vessel, a closed pendant form, beads, earrings or an alternative. Instruction will be tailored to your project. We will cover metal patterning with the rolling mill, creating silhouette dies from cast acrylic, pressing metal with the die and creating the finished form from your pressed pieces.  A kit will be available for purchase and there will be many handouts.

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Intro to Bonny Doon
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